The Menu

  • Breakfast
  • Appetizers
  • Soup & Gumbos
  • Shrimp & Crabmeat
  • Louisiana Pork Sausages
  • Pork Entrees
  • Cajun Chicken
  • Shrimp & Shellfish
  • Creole Fish
  • Steak & Beef
  • Lamb
  • Side Orders
  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Mexican
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Po-Boys
  • Kids Menu
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  • Desserts

Bourbon Street Breakfast

(Starts at 7.00 AM)

Breakfast Comes with Choice of One Cup of Coffee or Tea or One Glass of Juice. Choice of Imported Teas: Lipton, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Jasmine Green Tea or Mint. Choice of local Juices-Orange or Pineapple


Two Fresh Farm Eggs Any Style – with White or Wheat Toast

Two Fresh Farm Eggs Breakfast – Choice of Smoked Bacon or Baked Ham or Spicy Country Sausage Patty and choice of Home Fried Potatoes or Hash Browns or Grilled Tomato and White or Wheat Toast

4 Eggs Special Bourbon St. Breakfast – Choice of Bacon, Ham, or Country Sausage with Home Fries or Hash Browns or Tomato and Toast

Steak and Eggs – Choice of Home Fried potatoes or Hash Browns or Grilled Tomato and White or Wheat Toast. Choice of:

340 Gram Rib Eye Thai/ French
120 Gram Thai Minute Steak

“Classic” New Orleans Eggs Benedict – Two toast English Muffins Topped with Poached Eggs & Freshly Made Hollandaise Sauce, with a choice of:

Canadian Bacon
Smoked Salmon Benedict
Crab Cake Benedict

Omelets – Made with Two Fresh Farm Eggs:

Ham with Cheddar & Jack Cheese
Ham with Mushroom, Cheddar & Jack Cheese
Ham , Green Pepper, Onion

Mexican (Onion, Green Pepper, Tomato, Ham, Cheddar & Jack Cheese)

Eggs Sardo – Two Artichoke Bottoms with Spinach & Shrimp Topped with Poached Eggs and Covered in Hollandaise

Huevos Rancheros – A Flour Tortilla Layered with Refried Beans,  Cheddar & Jack Cheese ,two Fried Eggs and Topped with Salsa

S.O.S. – Cream Beef Over Toast with a Fried Egg

Dad’s Country Club Breakfast Sandwich – One Egg, Covered with Melted Jack & Cheddar Cheese & Andouille Sausage on Toasted Wheat Bread

Other Favorite Specialities

Served with your choice of bacon, ham, or spicy country sausage patty.

French Toast – Four slices in a cinnamon batter

Pancakes – Two of Moms Home Made Fluffy Cakes

Side Orders

1 Egg
Home Fries potatoes
Hash Browns potatoes
Country Sausage
Fruit Plate


Buffalo Wings – Chicken wings fried and glazed in our house-made spicy chili sauce, blue cheese dressing & refreshing coleslaw.

Buffalo Fire Wings – Same as above, but with more chili to make you sweat ! Also served with blue cheese dressing and coleslaw (very spicy).

Smoked Chicken Wings – Delicately smoked, fried and served with coleslaw.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip – Baked with herbs and three kinds of cheeses and served with corn tortilla chips and our Mexican tomato salsa.

Cajun “Popcorn” Shrimp – Fresh shrimp delicately fried in a special spicy batter served with our tangy Tiger sauce.

Fried Calamari – Local baby squid seasoned and fried served with our American style spicy tomato horseradish cocktail sauce and lemon.

Italian Cheese Sausage – “A one of a kind sausage”. One Italian spiced pork sausage stuffed with mozzarella cheese and served on a bed of sautéed onions and sweet peppers with garlic bread.

Potato Skins – Deep fried imported Idaho potato skins and filled with your choice of toppings and served with our sour cream and our Mexican tomato salsa:

Bacon bits with Jack and Cheddar cheese
Blacken chicken with Jack & Cheddar cheese
Jack & Cheddar cheese with green onions

Fried Mozzarella Sticks – Breaded with mild Italian breadcrumbs and served with our tomato marinara and tiger sauces.

Blooming Onion – A whole blossomed onion fried in a Cajun batter & served with our unique tiger sauce.

Nachos – Each corn tortilla chip is topped with shredded Mexican spiced beef or chicken with melted Jack & cheddar cheese, or * jack and cheddar cheese. Served with our house Mexican tomato salsa and our fresh avocado guacamole sauce.

Shrimp Remoulade – Herb seasoned boiled shrimp, chilled and served with our famous New Orleans Remoulade sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail – Herb seasoned boiled shrimp chilled, served with our house made American style spicy tomato horseradish cocktail sauce and fresh lemon.

Soups & Gumbos

Creole Bouillabaisse – A variety of fresh fish and shrimp simmered in a light and refreshing broth of tomato, garlic and herbs.

Mushroom Soup – A blend of shitake & straw mushrooms with a touch of thyme.

Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup – Fresh Roma tomatoes, onions and garlic, oven roasted and simmered with fresh herbs, then pureed till smooth.

Mexican Chili Con Carne with Beans – Beef and beans simmered in Mexican spices.

Shrimp Bisque – Another Louisiana tradition made with passion and love. Possibly the best soup you’ll ever eat.

Gumbo – A healthy, rich dish of the New Orleans tradition. Served with rice and your choice of Shrimp and Crabmeat, or Chicken & Andouille Pork Sausage

Shrimp & Crabmeat Specialities

Jambalaya Seafood – New Orleans version of fried rice, cooked in a light tomato sauce & Cajun seasonings, shrimp, and Cajun seared fish.

Crab Cakes – A unique blend of crab meat and spices & served with garlic mashed potatoes, remoulade, and tartar sauce.

New Orleans Spicy Bar-B-Q Shrimp – Fresh shrimp baked in a unique spicy sauce of olive oil & butter with seven-teen other herbs & spices. Served with New Orleans style Bordelaise angel hair pasta.

Stuffed Fried Shrimp – Large fresh shrimp batter flied and stuffed with crabmeat & seasonings and rolled in our Cajun breadcrumb.

House-Made Louisiana Pork Sausages

Andouille Sausage Plate – A classic! Two New Orleans smoked spicy pork sausages with Creole mustard & roasted garlic mashed potatoes and garlic bread.

Italian Sausage Plate – A classic ! Two New Orleans pork sausages with Creole mustard & roasted garlic mashed potatoes and garlic bread.

Italian Cheese Sausage Plate – “A one of a kind sausage”. Two Italian spiced pork sausage stuffed with mozzarella cheese and served on a bed of sautéed onions and sweet peppers with garlic bread.

Chaurice Sausage Plate – Two hot and spicy pork sausages, cousin of the Andouille sausage but hotter, served with Creole Mustard & roasted garlic mashed potatoes with garlic bread.

Chaurice Jalapeno Sausage Plate – Two hot and spicy pork sausages, cousin of the Andouille sausage but hotter, served with Creole Mustard & roasted garlic mashed potatoes with garlic bread.

Chorizo Sausage Plate – Two very spicy Mexican sausages, served with refried beans and Mexican rice.

Boudin Sausage Plate – A spicy, seasoned smoked pork sausage with rice. A South Louisiana speciality, served with coleslaw and garlic bread.

Pork Entrees

“Mondays, All You Can Eat along with a Fresh Tossed Mixed Salad”

Red Beans and Rice – A New Orleans traditional Monday Meal. Red beans simmered all day slowly with chunks of pork and Creole seasonings. Topped with our house made pork Andouille sausage.

Cajun Chicken Specialties

Blackened Boneless Chicken Fillets – Chicken fillets dusted with spicy Cajun spices then seared in a cast iron skillet. Served with sautéed zucchini and pork eggplant dirty rice.

Cajun Style Chicken – Half of a farm fresh chicken, injected with a spicy Cajun marinade and fried, served with green beans seasoned with Bacon and mashed potatoes with gravy.

Fried Chicken – Half chicken fried in our special batter, served with French fries.

Riverboat Chicken – Tender chicken breast fillet broiled to perfection & topped with our famous spicy Barbecued shrimp. Served with sautéed zucchini & white rice.

Cajun Chicken Coq Au Vin – Half a farm fresh chicken, seared in Cajun spices, and then simmered in a red wine, mushroom, onion sauce till very tender, served with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables.

Jambalaya Chicken & Andouille Sausage – New Orleans version of fried rice, cooked in a light tomato sauce & Cajun seasonings, Chicken filets & Andouille pork Sausage.

Bar-B-Q Chicken – Half a farm fresh chicken baked with our Cajun Bar-B- Q sauce served with baked beans and sautéed zucchini.

Shrimp & Shellfish

Boiled Crawfish – A unique dining experience only to be enjoyed at “Bourbon Street Restaurant”. Live Crawfish boiled in Cajun seasonings served with corn on the cob, Andouille pork sausage & boiled potatoes.

Boiled Shrimp Cajun Style – Fresh shrimp boiled in a mixture of Cajun herbs & spices with corn, potato, onion & Andouille pork sausage.

Creole Fish Specialties

Blackened Fish – Paul Prudhomme’s famous New Orleans creation of fish fillet dusted with a spicy Cajun seasoning & seared in a cast iron skillet till blackened. Served with sautéed mixed vegetable & pork eggplant dirty rice.

Fish Bourbon Street – Fresh golden snapper fillet topped with shrimp, crab meat and a white wine cream sauce. Served with mixed vegetables seasoned with pork.

Southern Fried Fish & Hush Puppies – Fish fillets fried in corn flour and corn meal, with corn fritters and served with coleslaw.

Steak & Beef Specialties

Chicken Fried Steak – Thai French beef tenderized, breaded, fried, and topped with white chicken gravy, just like mom makes! Served with fresh vegetables and your choice of potato.

Beef Brisket – low oven roasted in beer gravy till very tender and served with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables seasoned with Bacon.

Meat Loaf – A 1991 New Orleans award winner served with mashed Potatoes, gravy and mixed vegetables. (seasoned with bacon)

Steak Dinners

*We serve two types of steak cut: imported USDA Prime cut or local Thai-French

All steaks are char-grilled to perfection!

Filet Mignon – The most tender cut

New York Strip Loin – This prime cut has a full bodied texture that is slightly firmer than a rib eye steak. Full of flavor and very tender.

Rib Eye – A well-marbled steak with just enough fat for peak flavor. Deliciously juicy.

Cajun Blackened Rib Eye – Dusted with Cajun spices and blackened in a sizzling hot cast-iron skillet. Our guests’ favorite!

T-Bone Steak – This cut has the fillet and the New York Strip Loin combined.

Includes fresh mixed salad with your choice of dressing:

Thousand Island, Blue Cheese, Italian, Balsamic, Honey Mustard, French and Ranch Dressing.

Your choice of potato:

Au Gratin, Baked, Mashed, or French Fries.

And a choice of sauce:

Mushroom Sauce, or Roasted Garlic Rosemary Sauce.

Lamb Entrees

Australian Lamb Chops – Lightly seasoned and grilled to your liking, side of mint jelly & served with salad and your choice of potato.

Cajun Lamb Shank – Marinated and slow braised in red wine and herbs till very tender falling off the bone, served with its braising sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes & sautéed zucchini.

Grilled Lamb Chops

Side Orders

Garlic Bread

Green Beans – Seasoned with bacon

Fried Onion Rings

Red Beans


Fried Okra

Corn on the Cob

Pork Eggplant Dirty Rice

Corn Tortilla Chips with Salsa

Corn Bread

Potatoes au Gratin

Fome Fried Potatoes

French Fries

Mashed Potatoes

Potato Salad

Baked Potato

Sautéed Zucchini


Fried Egg

Classic Pasta Dishes

Blackened Chicken Florentine – Chicken breast filet seasoned with Cajun seasonings and olive oil, seared in a cast iron skillet , served on a bed of spinach, with a side of angel hair pasta in a dill cream sauce, with garlic bread.

Spaghetti Bolognese – A rich tomato sauce with ground beef simmered with Italian herbs and mushrooms, served with garlic bread.

Salmon Florentine – Salmon marinated and grilled, served on a bed of sautéed spinach with a side of angle hair pasta. Topped with a lemon dill cream sauce.


Please allow 20 minutes for preparation.

Bourbon Street Special – Loaded with pepperoni, ham, ground beef, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives & mozzarella cheese.

Cheese – Plenty of mozzarella cheese plus one topping of your choice.

Meat Lovers – Italian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham, ground beef & mozzarella cheese.

Hot & Spicy – Red chili, onions, tomatoes plus ground beef or pepperoni.

Hawaiian – Chunks of pineapple, ham, and Mozzarella cheese.

Vegetarian – Meat-free with onions, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, and chucks of pineapple.

Extra Pizza Toppings

Extra Cheese
Italian Sausage
Green Peppers
Black Olives


South of the Border Mexican Specialties

Tacos – Three hard shell tacos. Tacos with our choice of shredded beef or shredded chicken, topped with jack & cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato with a side of salsa.

Enchilada Plate – Two enchiladas, with Mexican rice and refried beans your choice of beef, cheese, or chicken.

Enchilada & Taco Plate – One enchilada and one taco. Choice beef, chicken or cheese. Comes with Mexican rice and refried beans.

Chili Con Carne with Beans – A very hardy bowl of Mexican goodness of beef and beans.

Quesadillas – Filled with cheese, onions & bell peppers and a side of salsa and sour cream, your choice of fillings:

Zucchini, sweet peppers, and onions
Smoked salmon

Fajitas – Served on a
hot sizzling platter with grilled onions and bell peppers in south of
the border spices, warm flour tortillas, along with salsa, sour cream,
cheddar, Jack cheese and guacamole.

Beef Filet


Beef Burgers

All beef burgers are 170 grams of freshly ground, Black Angus Beef! Char-Grilled your way, on a toasted sesame seed bun garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle and French fries.

Bourbon Street Burger

Cheddar Cheese Burger

Double Burger (340g)

Double Cheddar Cheese Burger (340g)

Blue cheese Burger

Western Burger – BBQ Sauce and onion rings

Baja Burger – Guacamole and bacon

Chile Burger

Swiss Burger – Swiss cheese and mushrooms

Italian Burger – Marinara sauce and Mozzarella cheese

Pork Burgers

All pork burgers are made from freshly ground Kurobuta pork and served on a toasted sesame seed bun, garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle and show-string French fries.

Kurobuta Ground Pork Burger (170g)

Extra Toppings

Cheddar Cheese
Blue Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
BBQ Sauce
Fried Egg


Fried Filet of Fish Sandwich – On a toasted sesame seed bun with Tartar sauce and French fries.

Grilled Filet of Fish Sandwich – On a toasted sesame seed bun with Tartar sauce and French fries.

Hot Roast Beef – Served open-face on white bread, with mashed-potato and gravy.

Hot Roast Pork – Served open-face on white bread, with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Ruben – Grilled, bakery fresh dark rye bread, Thousand Island dressing, hot pastrami beef, sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese. French fries, and garnished with lettuce, tomato dill pickle.

BBQ Roast Pork – Served on a toasted sesame seed bun with Bar-B-Q beans and coleslaw.

Club Sandwich – A triple decker! Your choice of toasted white or wheat bread, chicken or ham, then made with lettuce, tomato, cheese and French fries, or coleslaw.

BLT – A Classic! Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise sandwich with French fries or coleslaw.

Tuna Salad – White or wheat bread, with lettuce, tomato, French fries, and coleslaw.


“Po-Boy” sandwiches, a New Orleans tradition! Served with lettuce, tomato, onion garnish and mayonnaise.

Fried Shrimp

Andouille Sausage – With sautéed onions and pepper.

Chaurice Sausage – With sautéed onions and peppers.

Italian Sausage – With sautéed onions and peppers.

Steak Filet – A tenderized grilled beef filet with sautéed onions.

Grilled Vegetables – Zucchini, eggplant, red and yellow bell peppers, with an olive salad spread.

Kids Menu

Hot Dogs

With Cheese
With Chili
With Chili and Cheese

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Tomato Sauce with Garlic Bread

Chicken Nuggets with Tiger Sauce

Fried Mozzarella Cheese Sticks – with Marinara sauce and Tiger Sauce

Taco Hard Shell – with your choice of shredded beef or chicken, with refried beans and rice.

Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce

Thai Food

** All dishes are served with a plate of rice

เนื้อ,หมู แดดเดียว – Fried Beef, Pork

ต้มยำกุ้ง – Tom Yam Kung

ผัดเปรี้ยวหวานหมู-ไก่ – Stir-Fried Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken

เนื้อผัดพริกเขียว – Beef Filet Sauté with Green Peppers

ผัดผักรวมมิตร – Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables

ไข่เจียว, ไข่ยัดไส้ – Thai Omlet, Stuffed Omlet

เนื้อผัดน้ำมันหอย – Beef Filet Sautéed with Oyster Sauce

ข้าวผัดหมู-เนื้อ-ไก่ – Pork, Beef, Chicken Fried Rice

ข้าวผัดกุ้ง – Shrimp Fried Rice

ยำกุ้ง – Shrimp Salad

ยำวุ้นเส้น ,ยำไส้กรอก – Spicy Vermicelli Salad, Sausage Salad

เนื้อ,หมูทอดกระเทียมพริกไทย – Fried Beef, Pork with Garlic and Pepper

แกงเขียวหวานหมู-เนื้อ-ไก่ – Pork, Beef, or Chicken in Green Curry

ยำเนื้อ – Spicy Beef Salad

สุกี้ยากี้กุ้ง – Shrimp Sukiyaki

สุกี้ยากี้หมู-เนื้อ-ไก่ – Pork, Beef, or Chicken Sukiyaki

ลาบหมู-เนื้อ-ไก่ – Spicy Minced Pork, Beef or Chicken Salad

พล่ากุ้ง – Spicy Shrimp Salad

ปูนิ่มผัดผงกระหรี่ – Stir-Fried Soft shell Crab in Yellow Curry

เม็ดมะม่วงหิมพานต์ทอด – Fried Cashew Nut (Rice not included)

ไก่ผัดมะม่วงหิมพานต์ – Stir Fried Chicken with Cashew Nut

แพนงหมู,เนื้อ,ไก่ – Pork, Beef, or Chicken in Red Curry

ผัดกะเพราหมู,เนื้อ,ไก่ – Stir-Fried Pork, Beef or Chicken Basil Leaf

แกงจืดวุ้นเส้นหมูสับ – Clear Soup with Vermicelli and Minced Pork

ข้าวต้มหมู,ไก่ – Pork or Chicken Rice Soup

ต้มข่าไก่ – Spicy Chicken Curry in Coconut Milk

Homemade Desserts

Cheese Cake – Plain, or with your choice of caramel, blueberry, or strawberry toppings.

Maple Pecan Pie / Chocolate Pecan Pie – Mom’s favorite with vanilla ice cream

Georgia Pecan Pie – Light cream cheese base with coconut, caramel and pecans

Apple Pie – America’s favorite!

Carrot Cake / Pumpkin Carrot Cake – Our Number 1 Dessert

Chocolate Cashew Brownie – With chocolate and caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Lemon Tart – Tangy and Sweet

 Bread Pudding  – A New Orleans original dessert with choice of Whisky sauce, white chocolate sauce or pecan praline Bourbon sauce

Banana Foster – Bananas sautéed in butter, brown sugar & cinnamon, ambéed with Banana Liqueur & Rum served over vanilla ice cream.

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